Because Alcohol Should Taste Good

Harpy is a proud Michigan made brand with everything you didn’t know you needed in an liquor. With a legendary past, this traditional drink from Italy has brand new layers to it. The secret family recipe was discovered in an attic, nearly forgotten until discovered and perfected three generations later. 
But don’t let the recipe’s age fool you, this limoncello is exactly what you need today – less sweet, more potent, handcrafted, free of artificial colors or flavors, full of quality sourced ingredients, and loved by all. With Harpy, you’ll never sacrifice taste. Whether enjoying our limoncello alone or using it in a cocktail, you won’t be disappointed. 
Now, thanks to Harpy, the world gets to taste the secret this Italian family has known for generations – the best limoncello. So go ahead, spoil your senses, we know you’ll thank us for it.

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