A legendary limoncello for the boldest of spirits.

Sip. Savor. Salute.

Peel Back the Layers of a Zesty Spirit

An Italian delicacy. Distilled in the Great Lakes State. With a name straight from the pages of Greek mythology. 

Yeah, it’s a bit to peel back. But that’s because Harpy has so many layers to it – like our hand-picked lemons that infuse every bottle with nuance and flavor. 

So, pop a bottle, breathe in those refreshing aromatics and let our mildly sweet and smooth-finishing limoncello talk to your zesty side. And unlike the harpies found in Greek lore, our limoncello is never harsh or bitter. It’s the ultimate party starter; It’s the perfect limoncello for a lemon drop martini, spritzer, or to use creatively in any cocktail you imagine.

Of course, Harpy is refreshing delicious on its own. Enjoy it chilled, try one our signature cocktails, or straight from the bottle if you’re feeling extra bold.

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Spoil Your Senses


We Offer Distilling As A Service

If you’re looking to produce your own private label spirit brand, our distillery – Michigrain – has you covered. 

Whether you are looking to create a small batch of handcrafted spirits to sell at your storefront or restaurant, or you have an existing mid to national-level brand seeking to produce retail spirits at high volumes, we have the team you are searching for.  We offer private-label spirits production and ethanol at highly competitive price points that are guaranteed to satisfy your customers’ tastes and your profit margins. 

Our ability to manufacture private-label spirits allows you to sell products you couldn’t produce yourself under your own brand name, and access to the expertise of our master distillers. If you are interested in gaining a competitive edge in the spirits market, reach out to make an inquiry with our team.

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Go ahead, spoil your senses, we know you’ll thank us for it

With Harpy, you’ll never sacrifice taste. Whether enjoying our limoncello alone or using it in a cocktail, you won’t be disappointed.
Now, thanks to Harpy, the world gets to taste the secret this Italian family has known for generations – the best limoncello. So go ahead, spoil your senses, we know you’ll thank us for it.

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