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We recognize that you are dedicated to delivering the best possible product for your customers. Here at MichiGrain, we source all of our ingredients from trusted local suppliers. A spirit is only as good as its ingredients, so we carefully select ingredients that are only of the highest quality while sticking to an eye-catching price point. Everything gets tested twice to ensure excellence.

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Let us help you maximize profit

If you’re in the market for a quality handcrafted spirit to sell at your storefront or restaurant, MichiGrain has you covered. We offer private-label spirits at highly-competitive price points that are guaranteed to satisfy your customers’ tastes. Our private label spirits allow you to sell products you couldn’t produce yourself under your own brand. In addition, our ability to manufacture superior spirits at high volumes means you enjoy a high profit margin with these products.

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Let us help you maximize profit

Whether you need help with distribution, labeling, mash, or anything else, we are ready to put together a private label hand-crafted spirit that will make an impression. We are able to make spirits to your recipes, offer expert input, bottle spirits, and ship products anywhere in the United States. In short, we’re ready to help you make a profit with private label hand-crafted spirits.